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Sep 15, 2012 3:51pm EDT
is barack obama? >> the best way to describe its as the -- it is the viral heart of the internet. a discussion with buzzfeed editor on "q & a." >> the house passed a defense sequestration bill that would provide -- require the president to provide cuts in defense set to expire in january. this is one hour, 20 minutes. mr. speaker, you know, under current law there will be a $110 billion across-the-board cuts known as sequester that will be imposed on this country on january 2, 2013, resulting in a 10% reduction in the department of defense programs and an 8% reduction in certa domestic programs as well. in may of this year the house passed a bill to deal with this, that was the sequester replacement reconciliation act. and what this legislation would do, it would replace that sequester for 2013 with commonsense spendinguts and reforms. unfortunately we have seen a lack of leadership both over in the senate and at the white house. the senate failed to act on this legislation. the senate, where all goodills go to die, sooo with this, or in any sequester replacement bill. so today t
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1